The Best Applications that can Replace SoundTap

SoundTap is superb application which can record any sound mostly music on your computer and quickly convert it into Audio files including .WAV or .mp3.  Since, the Audio files are recorded thorough internal Kernels the quality of audio is quite good and perfectly digital.  This is not the only software available in the market though for windows platform.  There are many other similar Applications available to a Windows (Except GarageBand/Mac) user to achieve similar results.  Here are a few alternatives to SoundTap application.


Audacity is free software available everywhere and it runs on all platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux.  It is quite a handy tool and is perfect for making those quick records and edits and rearranging.  You can also change the tempo and speed of the recording.  Audacity Application is perfect you want to convert you old records or tapes into Digital recordings.  You can also record live audio from any source seamlessly using Audacity.


Another Super Application and completely free of charge this Application helps you in recording just about anything that you hear and save it to your computer in the mp3 or .wav format.  It also allows you basic features of editing and sharing if you need it.  In addition, during replaying it, Mp3Mymp3 allows you create playlists and also batch renames if need be.  MP3Mymp3 is perfect for recording directly from Internet Radio and also can be used for converting your old records and tapes to digital files.

Sound Recorder

Sound Recorder available on the Windows platform is good enough to record, mix edit and play any kind of sounds.  Special feature of this software is the ability to add sound links to documents.


Audio Recorder

Unlike SoundTap and Audacity this doesn’t record through the internal kernels but from the speaker of your system.  It can capture sound from Skype, web browser and Soundcard along with Microphone. Audio Recorder might be a good choice for those who are looking for Garageband for computer.


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