Facebook VS Periscope : What’s the Difference

Live streaming or broadcasting has become a cool trend these days. Every now and then we see someone ‘Live’ on Facebook or on any other social media platform such as Periscope. There are plenty of broadcasting apps around. But, there is no denying that Facebook and Periscope are the front runners at this time. When it comes to choosing between the two, the users sometimes get confused. To make things a bit easy, here is quick comparison between the two.


In terms of Broadcast

Facebook: You can broadcast from the FB app installed on your Android or iOS device. Live streaming is currently not available on PC. Your audience or viewers can interact with you during the broadcast by posting a comment. Facebook notifies all your followers and friends whenever you go live. You can go live from within a group, your personal FB page or your personal FB account. Split screen option is not available but you can use a third party app for this purpose.

Periscope: You can broadcast using this service by downloading the Periscope app and also from the Twitter app. The app is compatible with Android and iOS. The list of the usernames of the viewers appears on the screen of the broadcaster. When you go live your followers are notified. You can stream the broadcast on Twitter as well so that your Twitter followers can also watch it (Periscope and Twitter maintain separate follower list). There is no option to do the split-screen broadcast. There are no third party apps as well for this purpose.

Saving Broadcasts

Facebook: You can save the broadcast or delete it. You can also schedule it to expire on a certain date. You can download the broadcast on the device as well. You can embed the broadcast video with the embed code.

Periscope: Broadcast can be saved on the device as well as on the Periscope account. The device saved videos do not include likes and comments. If you posted the broadcast on Twitter you can embed it using the code.

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