Top 5 iMessage Alternatives for Android and Windows

iMessage is a popular instant messaging app that runs on only iOS devices. It’s almost similar to whatsapp and hangouts. Unfortunately, it can’t be downloaded on windows or Android and you will find lots of daily rumors that Apple has launched its Android version. This post is especially written for those who are looking for iMessage alternatives. So, let’s get started with few of similar alternatives.

Google Hangouts

If one is Android user but want to use iMessage on Android device, then Hangouts might be a good choice comes with all the necessary features, and developed by Google. Through Hangouts, one can record 60 seconds video and can share with other members as well. You can start group discussion on Hangouts which is said one of the most awesome features of it. This is the best for chat or text messages. You don’t need to download other software for voice calling as it offers superior quality. This is faster and simpler than others.



Whatsapp doesn’t require any introduction as it can be found on every mobile phone nowadays. The app includes all the features (chat, file sharing, voice calling) except video calling. Whatsapp is very light in size and offers decent features. The app is more convenient than iMessage for PC version . You can download it for every OS from Android, windows to iOS.


Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is all in one app offering all required services including video calling, texting, audio calling and group calling as well. The app is decent in design and features and comes with easy user interface. It is more convenient than Skype and iMessage  feature. If you are having android device, then nothing can be better than Messenger.



Viber is also an instant messaging and voip app offering exceptional features. The application is the best way to make free phone calls. Through the app, the user can send text message and make voice calls over the internet. The user can share photos, messages, audio, videos and emoticons via the app. If you are an Android user, then we would suggest to try once this app. We bet that you’ll forget iMessage.


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